From the Rector

It's tempting in this time to wait for everything to pass. At the beginning of March we were told to sit tight for two weeks, then we'd have beaten the virus and everything would be back to normal. Then it was Easter; then the beginning of May. The latest from the Diocese is looking towards the middle of June for the smaller churches to begin to open up. Nobody is talking about anything getting back to normal anymore. Not the 'old normal'. We're told to look forward to the 'new normal'.

As we wonder what on earth the 'new normal' is going to be, can I encourage you to take the opportunity to look forward, not back. We can never regain the past the way it 'used to be'. God is always calling us forward - sometimes by green pastures and sometimes through the valley of the shadow of death. Always guiding us and accompanying us on the way.

The past few weeks have been a crash course in online and remote communication. We now know what 'Zoom' is and most of our small groups are using it to meet - several more frequently than before. There are many stories of neighbors reaching out to one another and supporting each other in practical ways. Our Food Closet has been privileged to serve new families. People are reaching out to one another and connecting in a host of different ways - through letters, phone calls, electronically and by video. We have consumed less and spent less time in motor cars. We're learning things that will be helpful for the long haul.

We also have the opportunity to reach out beyond ourselves. I spoke to a couple of members of our congregation whose spouses now join them for worship who would never previously have come to our physical services. In our new normal, Facebook, YouTube and Instagram are powerful channels to reach a world in need of God's love. And phone calls and letter writing take on new significance, as people welcome the personal connections. Where is God calling you to step out in faith and mission to reach and serve your neighbors - near and far?

Don't live with the pause button pressed. Put your hands in the hands of your heavenly Father, and allow Him to lead us each day in fresh ways of loving Him and loving our neighbors.

With love for you and my prayers and blessings,