Renovaré Growing as an On-Line Presence for Christian Spiritual Growth Development

Renovaré USA is a Christian nonprofit that models, resources, and advocates fullness of life with God experienced, by grace, through the spiritual practices of Jesus and of the historical Church. Renovaré's president is Chis Hall, a member of our congregation and frequent preacher as well as educational leader.

Christian in commitment, ecumenical in breadth, and international in scope, Renovaré helps people in becoming like Jesus. Renovaré publishes print and online resources, including books, articles, messages and podcasts. Retreats, spiritual formation groups, and educational initiatives like the two-year Renovaré Institute provide community and experience where that knowledge can move from head to heart.

Updates: The Renovaré Book Club, moderated by Chris Hall has increased in active membership this year from 315 members to over 900 – and it is still growing! The Renovaré Institute for Christian Spiritual Formation has over 70 applications for 45 spots in the Seattle edition, and they are already accepting applications for next year's Chicago institute. Fifteen months of daily devotionals have just been produced, and these will be translated into 15 languages. This year Renovaré welcomed Nathan Foster as full-time Director of Community Life.

For more detail about Renovaré, their personnel and their mission visit the Renovaré website.

Support Renovaré:

Although through the Good Samaritan Missions program we support Renovaré in prayer and program, we are not currently providing financial support. (This could change in the future.) To find ways to support and provide tax-deductible financial gifts, visit the donate page on their website.

  • Please pray: Protection and peace for Renovaré staff—Joan, Justine, Nathan, Chris, Carolyn, and Brian—and families.
  • Pray that the Renovaré Book Club, which starts this fall, will help participants delve deeper into Jesus and develop deep spiritual friendships.
  • Pray that the staff will have the wisdom to learn to use technology wisely and effectively as tool for discipleship and bringing people together.

Renovaré also sent along a full, meaningful slate of prayer requests as they enter the Fall season. They can be read here.