Rooted in Jesus

Rooted in Jesus (RIJ) is a Christian discipleship program designed in Africa, for the people of Africa. RIJ was first developed in partnership with the Diocese of Mount Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, and has now been running for seventeen years. It forms a major focus of the work of the Mathetes Trust, which publishes and supports it. For the last several years, Good Samaritan has supported the Rooted in Jesus program, and helped fund a few training trips conducted by Fr. Richard Morgan in the ACK Diocese of Butere.

Rooted in Jesus is now spreading to the DR Congo. In 2012 Elisha Tendwa, then a pastor in the Anglican Diocese of Dar es Salaam, was appointed missionary bishop within the Diocese of Katanga in DR Congo. He became aware of Rooted in Jesus and requested getting a program started there. Quickly, course books were adapted into Congolese Swahili, a team leader was appointed, a series of conferences were held, local coordinators were trained, and “Rooted in Jesus” groups were planted across the diocese. Six years later, Elisha completed his mission and returned home and shared the story of how RIJ is already making a difference in the Congo. See a video interview with Bishop Tendwa here or read about the work in the Congo here

In the ACK Diocese of Butere where Richard Morgan led many initial Rooted In Jesus leadership groups, discipleship has not only grown deeper but also broader across the area: Existing groups are growing stronger and new groups are forming throughout the area. Each year, regions submit reports of “Rooted in Jesus” activity, accomplishments, and challenges. The following is one from Butere. While the names might not be meaningful, you may grasp a sense of the impact that Rooted in Jesus is having in this region.