Rooted in Jesus Expands into Ghana

One of Good Samaritan's financially supported ministries is Rooted in Jesus. This ministry is a group course in Christian discipleship written for use in Africa. It is the only material of its kind written especially for use by ordinary African Christians, rather than translated from material developed for the West – where people face different problems and challenges in their Christian lives. (Some may recall that Richard Morgan has led such courses in various areas of Africa.) See more about Rooted in Jesus at their website:

Since its beginning in 2002, Rooted in Jesus (RnJ) has been adopted by 90 dioceses and denominations in 16 African countries. In 2010 they developed a companion Rooted in Jesus Junior program for use in Sunday Schools, and that too is in wide use. See all the countries servedRecently, the ministry expanded into Ghana, as their 17th country served. Apparently, the program in Ghana got off to a very positive beginning, reflected in this summary from the United Kingdom's team to Ghana:

110 joyful participants turned up to the conference, held in a secondary school in the little town of Kwabeng. We had a wonderful time, with much dancing, singing and laughter as well as a lot of hard work all round. We also attended two celebration services, each lasting nearly 5 hours, and visited Cape Coast Castle, one of Africa’s largest former slave trading posts. That wiped the smiles off our faces, but we were restored by the forgiveness and hospitality offered to us by everyone we met. We are grateful for the opportunity to serve our friends in Ghana, and we continue to pray for the new group leaders and for the diocese as it follows through on its determination to grow.

One of the highlights was talking to Augustine, a young man who started off by explaining that he hadn’t wanted to come to the conference at all, and then....  We’ll leave you to read the blog to find out more.

Leaders and staff of Rooted in Jesus (administered through the Mathetes Trust) appreciate our prayers of support. For those who may want to pray for this ministry in an ongoing basis, they  sent their Prayer Diary for October, November, and December, which includes prayers of requests and thanksgivings for each week of the fourth quarter. It's available here.