Rooted in Jesus News

We’ve had some encouraging feedback from the Diocese of Butere in Kenya, where Revd Richard Morgan and team led two conferences for huge numbers of potential leaders in June. Revd Capt Benjamin Kibara has just been reviewing the progress of the groups. He says that 87 groups have started in 36 of the diocese’s 48 parishes, and that “the impact has already been felt in many ways:

  • Many have grown in their faith and practice
  • Commitment and turn up in local church prayer meetings has increased
  • Stewardship and giving has improved as disciples get rooted in Christ.
  • Marriages that were at the verge of breaking up have been restored.
  • More people have volunteered to serve in church
  • The RinJ books were recommended as the confirmation books in the diocese”
  • The diocese has invited us to facilitate a followup conference in 2018.
joshua leading
Joshua leading worship
final day
Final day
certificate awards
Certificate awards