Rooted in Jesus Update #2

The conference ended well yesterday with the 120 participants commissioned and given certificates and the task to go and recruit members to a group that they would start. Bishop Emmanuel had attended the whole of the three and a half days and was the first to receive his certificate! He and Dorcas have been talking about who to invite to their Rooted in Jesus group - so he is leading by example which I’m sure will be a great encouragement to the Diocese.

They now have all the information, but have to make the journey from the theory to putting it into practice. Do pray for them in this process for the Spirit to be powerfully at work in each of their lives, to lead them as they discern who to invite to participate in these first groups and to be at work in the groups that form. Pray also for Tarus, the coordinator, that he will be able to effectively work with the Bishop, Diocesan staff and Archdeacons to get good structures in place to support the development and growth of this program.

We were split up today to preach in various local churches. I was privileged to preach at a confirmation services and inauguration of a new parish, Christ the King, Chemoge. Chemoge was one of eight churches that were part of Kaptama parish; they have now been divided into four and four which means a priest serving only four churches rather than eight. The service was full of celebration and lots of introductions and greetings. We were done in four and a half hours, which was shorter than Dorcas had predicted!

Ben and John have now gone to Butere together, with John returning to the UK Monday. Morey and I will see some of the projects that Good Samaritan church have supported tomorrow and will then return to Nairobi on Tuesday before flying to the UK and USA respectively. Prayers for good travel, for continued good health and for God’s blessings in our return to the various places God has called us to serve.

Thank you for your prayers, and do continue to hold this Diocese in your prayers as the critical work of implementation begins.