Scripture Union

For many years, Good Samaritan has supported the ministry of Scripture Union, with headquarters in nearby Valley Forge. Many are familiar with their publications and devotionals such as "Discovery" and "Encounter with God". In news articles and Scripture Union's recent visit to the church, many are aware of the programs for children and young people: The after-school program "PrimeTime" and a summer program for disadvantaged youth "SuperKids". Scripture Union also has programs and services worldwide. Recently, Scripture Union USA took a team to a camp in France and worked with young people, mostly refugees from countries such as Iran, Armenia, and Iraq. Their regional director for the Mid-Atlantic, Lisa Mendez, sent an update highlighting the work in France. She writes:

Scripture Union USA took a team of volunteers to Camp Le Rimlishoff in France this summer. The volunteers had an incredible time interacting with the young people, teaching Bible truths and ministering to them in small-group settings. Many of the students come from non-Christian backgrounds and several families of young people are refugees from Iran, Armenia, and Iraq.

Youth Outreach Specialist, Joshua Mendez, shared that one young boy he talked to, Marius (not his real name), had never touched a Bible before. The team was able to give him a Bible and Marius was so overwhelmed. With tears in his eyes, he shared that he would carry his new Bible with him everywhere.

Through the ministry of the mission team, 20 out of the 40 young people attending the camp chose to give their lives to the Lord. What an incredible blessing! In a culture where young people face many adult-sized challenges and issues, bringing the hope of Jesus into their lives is a priceless gift that will keep on giving into eternity.

For more about Scripture Union, see their website Donna Roulston is our Advocate for Scripture Union and also is part of the office team at Valley Forge. Donna can provide more information about SU.