Scripture Union's SuperKids & PrimeTime

For many years, Good Samaritan has supported the work of Scripture Union – the main U.S.A. headquarters is in nearby Valley Forge. Many may be familiar with their devotional booklets, which are available at church, such as Discovery and Encounter with God. Scripture Union is one of our church’s financially supported ministries.

Many do not know that Scripture Union also sponsors and conducts hands-on, direct services to youth. SuperKids in the summer is a fairly new and thriving program. During the school year PrimeTime is an after-school program reaching a large youth population. Read more about Scripture Union on their website. For further information, please contact Donna Roulston, our church’s advocate for Scripture Union.

Lisa Mendez is Scripture Union’s Mid-Atlantic regional director and recently sent us this update and request for prayers:

Church of the Good Samaritan: Our Regional Update:

We are excited to continue with many of our locations for SuperKids this summer, and to partner with some new organizations such as a new youth ministry network in the city. This summer we introduced a new SuperKids curriculum to our locations based on the book of Acts—our partner locations really enjoyed bringing these stories to the children!

We are already gearing up for PrimeTime after school, which will be starting very soon. This year we are blessed to be able to offer several locations with a “start-up” package of materials and supplies to help them in ministering to children throughout the year. In the fall, we will kick-off an online training program to be able to connect with and train more volunteers. We will also start a discipleship program for our volunteers so that they continue to grow spiritually as they pour into our children. We are very excited with the direction that the ministry is going and are looking forward to raising up strong leaders to reach more children!

Lisa Mendez is also working with three new churches in the Baltimore/DC area this summer and plans to continue outreach in the fall with the PrimeTime program. We are looking forward to great things as we serve hundreds of children who need the hope of the Gospel!

Prayer updates:

  • Pray for the region as we continue to search for just the right person in Philadelphia to fill the role on the ground visiting sites and networking with our partner locations.
  • Continue to lift our SuperKids and PrimeTime after school locations in prayer as our summer programs are wrapping up and PrimeTime is gearing up.  
  • Continued prayers for the growth of our Gift of Hope grant program so that we can continue to provide needed materials to our program locations.
  • Pray with us as we work to develop a summer outreach program for summer 2019 connected to the Guardians of Ancora Bible game app for children—this outreach avenue could help us to reach many more children than before with the Good News.
  • Pray for our new online training and discipleship program for our many directors and volunteers. With the right program in place this can enable us to work with many more locations all across the US and build strong leaders!
  • Praise God that the students and young adults at the Mendez Family’s church in Maryland are reading the Word of God for themselves through the Essential Jesus and NUA film programs! They are very eager to ask their questions about the Word each week. God is doing a work in the lives of young people.

Thank you so much for your continued prayers and support. God bless you for all you do!


Lisa Mendez, Regional Director, Scripture Union