Send a Student to Camp

This year, the missions committee added the St. James school to the church’s slate of financially supported ministries. St. James School is a faith-based Philadelphia middle school in the Episcopal tradition, committed to educating traditionally under-resourced students in a nurturing environment. The school is a community that provides a challenging academic program and encourages the development of the moral, spiritual, intellectual, physical and creative gifts in its students.

Today, St. James School provides a much-needed alternative for the children of Allegheny West, serving 85 students in grades 4-8, as well as its graduates. The school is committed to walking alongside graduates through high school and beyond—providing counseling, tutoring, mentoring and all the tools they need to succeed. Learning does not stop in mid-afternoon—with ten to eleven hours of program a day, Saturday school twice a month, and a school year that stretches until the end of July.

While the school focuses on students’ academic needs, emotional and physical health concerns are just as important. St. James School provides an experienced chef who makes inspired, healthy family-style meals, an onsite nurse practitioner, a team of trained mental health professionals who help students work through trauma and other adversities, and extraordinary teachers and staff who are committed to going above and beyond every day. Learn more about the school at their website:

St. James school is currently challenging churches and individuals to help send students to camp this summer. For families living in poverty, summer is often a struggle. It's hard to find safe, affordable places for children to play. Without school meals, food costs go up. Meanwhile, students lose ground in math and reading. With our support, they can reduce the burden on families and provide students with an enriching summer camp experience. Their Summer Camp Challenge goal is $50,000. Reaching it will give 85 students four weeks of camp at $750 per student.

Stop by the St. James table in the atrium on May 12, 19 or 26 to see how you can support the summer camp challenge. Please see Cheryl Hutchinson or Debbie Attardi for more information.