Sharing My Story on Women's Ministry

Note from Pastor Beverly:  I asked Ruth to share her story as an encouragement to us on waiting on the Lord’s timing as we discern those ministries He calls us to as individuals and corporately, as the body of Christ at Good Samaritan.  Our God is indeed faithful!

A couple of weeks ago I woke up with a strong sense that God was saying to me “I want you to be a leader in women’s ministry.”

Now this was both unusual and unexpected. I knew Pastor Beverly was looking for a leader or leaders to take the ministry forward as she prepares to move on. However, this was not something I was considering. 

In my experience, guidance can be tricky and I wasn’t about to move forward without a clearer sense that this was God’s call. My response to the Lord therefore was, “Lord, is this your voice or mine?” I waited quietly for a while then said to the Lord, “If it’s you, you’re going to have to be clearer.” Again I waited. It seemed that I should at least have a conversation with Beverly about women’s ministries so I got out of bed and went to my Ipad intending to email her.

Now normally when I turn on my ipad I have to slide my finger across, then key in my password. Not this time. It was already on the email screen with Beverly’s email address already typed in. Shaking somewhat, I typed a quick email saying I wanted to talk to her about women’s ministries. I got back into bed and immediately felt awash with fear and self-doubt.

I turned again to the Lord and heard the word “perfectionism.” This was a surprise as I never would have used that word to describe myself but I knew I had to denounce perfectionism.  That was the barrier; that was the fear. “What if I don’t do a great job? What if I let someone down? What if I disappoint people?” So I confessed and renounced perfectionism.

I reached for a devotional I occasionally use and opened the page. This is what I read …“The fear of making mistakes and not doing a particular ministry well has paralyzed many believers and that is a tragedy. They fail to see that perfectionism is religion (form without power). Excellence is kingdom. Saying yes to the King is the first step in discipleship. And being driven by love makes it impossible to remain stationary.”

So I have said “yes” to the King and am excited to be working alongside Beverly as we move forward in women’s ministries.