A Tale of Two Campuses...Soon to be One Campus!

This fall, we sent out a dream list to the CCO (including specifics like hoping to be in the mountains) and a few months later, we learned of two new positions at Virginia Tech University in Blacksburg, VA. One of the positions is at an Anglican church called The River and the other is at a Christian Study Center on campus called The Bradley Center (think Christian liberal arts hub at a state school.) While we were down in Blacksburg interviewing at The River, we discerned the Spirit nudging Nick towards the church and me towards the Bradley Center, which thankfully eliminated any competition between the two of us. And to fulfill the most specific item on our dream list, the campus is right in the mountains! We're quite blown away by God's abundance in this process. 

All this to say, I'm writing to let you all know this is going to be my last semester at Eastern and Good Sam and Nick's last semester at DVCC and Penn State Brandywine. Nick has accepted the CCO position at The River and I'm in the final stages interviewing for the CCO position at The Bradley Center. If this position doesn't pan out for me, we're trusting God to provide through other means. We'll be moving sometime during the summer. It's an exciting move for the two of us--but that doesn't diminish how much we will miss our current students, friends, and church members! 

We pray God blesses and keeps you over the next days, weeks, and months. Thank you for your prayers and support for us and for our students as we begin our transition.  

In Christ, 
Nick and Kylie