Tammy & Rusty Firestone, and the La Trinidad Church in Bolivia Prepare for Another Year in Cochabamba

In the same area of Bolivia as Niños Con Valor, Tammy and Rusty Firestone serve the Anglican church La Trinidad in Cochabamba. In addition to receiving Good Samaritan financial support as a supported ministry, this year the Firestones and La Trinidad received a generous contribution through the recent Bible School’s fundraiser. They give thanks for this gift, which will go toward the La Trinidad’s children’s ministry.

Their son Thomas is about to begin classes at Azusa Pacific University, and Tammy is in the states helping with that transition. She is also helping her mother with a major move across the country. Rusty has spent a month with chiropractic mission teams serving the needy in the Cochabamba area. Their daughter Maddy will start school soon and has to adjust to life at home without her brother.

In addition to their giving thanks for the recent gifts, they request that we continue our prayers for them, especially:

  • For all the family transitions: Thomas off to college, Maddy adjusting to being the only child at home, and for Tammy’s mother’s move across the country and adjusting to a new environment.
  • For the family of Deacon Juan Cris and Marcelo in caring for an aging mother.

Larry Colletta is our advocate for the Firestones and sent along the full email report he received from the Firestones.

There is more about the Firestones and their ministry (along with a link if you’d like to donate to their work) at their SAMS website (SAMS: Society of Anglican Missionaries and Senders).