So neither the one who plants, nor the one who waters is at the center of this process; only God gives the growth…. What makes planting and watering worth doing is the God we are serving (paraphrase) 1Corinthians 3:7.

Autumn, said the poet Keats, is the season of “mists and mellow fruitfulness.”

How true. We who live in the stunning area of Chester County are experiencing cooler refreshing days, the smell of hay gathered, and the apples picked and ready for apple pies.

Harvest time is not only for farmers that bring in the bounty and folks who utilize the lush and plentiful fruits of the field. Harvest time for the Church is a season to rejoice in the gifts God has given. It is also the time for spiritual reflection on being prepared for winter, how we spend our days, where we place our priorities in use of all God has given.

The day of Thanksgiving celebration is right around the bend. And, as many come together with family and friends to tables laden with goodies of all sorts, share stories and remember together, thanks is offered for the blessings received.

For me, a great blessing is God’s Church. One word captures the fullness of how we relate, what depth of meaning it holds for us as we gather together, worship, have fellowship and serve our gracious Lord: Community is people working side by side, co-operating for a common purpose.

  • Community is gathering in prayer, in worship as people who depend on the Lord.
  • Community is sharing fellowship around the table with friends and strangers.
  • Community is living side by side with diverse people and interacting in harmony.
  • Community is practicing faith at home and far beyond to fulfill Jesus’ gospel call.

Community life does flourish at Good Sam. We welcome newcomers, all ages and engage one another. We are varied in our persons, yet come in unity because we are seekers or belong to Christ. Our many gifts and skills serve one another. Every person at Good Sam is needed to deepen the road we walk on the pilgrim’s way.

What a blessing it is to be part of God’s Church, God’s family, and to build the Kingdom for God’s glory.  On November 28, 9AM, Good Sam will celebrate Thanksgiving Day in the Chapel. Come and join in. Bring a friend, a neighbor or two and share in the great blessing of God’s loving presence in community.

Come to God’s own temple come, raise the song of harvest home (Hymn 290).