Through School Year Programs and Summer Camps, FOCUS Brings the Gospel to Teenagers in Private Schools

FOCUS is an evangelistic and discipling ministry to middle school and upper school teenagers, primarily those who attend private schools. However all teenagers are welcome at our meetings or activities.  FOCUS, in the Philadelphia area, conducts 13 on-campus Bible study meetings per week at 10 different schools during the school day.  They also have two off-campus meetings every week for students looking to “go deeper” as well as for students at schools where FOCUS is not allowed or able to meet.  Kids pour in, over 700 of them during last school year.  Many of these students have no other access to the Gospel and would never attend a Christian meeting outside of school.  By going to “where they are”, FOCUS meets them where they are, and they’re willing to listen.  They also offer out-of-town overnight programs in the fall and in the summer at the FOCUS facility on Martha’s Vineyard; there we are able to “give them the Gospel” in a more direct way than we can on a school campus.

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Annette Toebe has long been involved with FOCUS and is now serving as “advocate” to keep Good Samaritan and FOCUS connected. (Annette takes over this responsibility from Pricie Hannah who has been Good Samaritan’s advocate for FOCUS for many years. Thanks, Pricie, for your loyal and responsible service!)

 As advocate, Annette has shared a story of some of her involvement now as well as over the years in a way that only someone on both the receiving and giving ends of ministries can do. In this report, Annette mentions Tom Price. Tom is the Philadelphia Area director. Our church’s support for FOCUS is directed toward the work in the Philadelphia Area. You can read Annette’s report here.

  • Please pray for the local leadership of FOCUS, under its area director Tom Price as it starts a new year for over 300 area students in 10 private schools.
  • Pray that these students, many of whom have never heard the Gospel story, will grow in faith and in healthy Christian manners.
  • Pray that the late-November weekend retreat to Princeton will be successful in providing more concentrated gospel-understanding experiences.