Update from the Irenes in Paraguay

Many parishioners have developed relationships with Fr. Ron Irene during his visits to Good Sam. Recently Ron has started writing an online newsletter with news and many pictures. Through these we learn more about not only the challenges and rewards of ministry through the church in Paraguay, but also the challenges meshing those with the day to day life of living as a family.

Ron and his wife Nicky and children Samuel, Daniel, Tamara, and Natasha live and serve in Paraguay’s capital Asunción. The city is one of the oldest in South America, with a population of over 500,000. (The metropolitan area has around two million inhabitants.)

They are all very busy with service to the churches and related programs associated with Ron’s ministry: His parish church, a school, work with the diocese of Paraguay (also in Asunción), and other outlying missionary activities. Relief to many homeless has been a current and necessary ministry. Due to what they see as the effects of climate change, the area has experienced long periods of drought, followed by heavy rains that has caused much flooding. As a result of flooding, thousands are homeless. Their church and its ministries have worked hard to provide both spiritual support and physical relief.

Ron has started writing periodic online newsletters. These are interesting, informative, with many pictures that illustrate their work, challenges, and their family. We thank Ron for providing these. Two recent ones are available:

(April to June) A summary of recent activities including the flooding, changes at the diocese, and news about the family.

(Irene Family) A very interesting and personal look at everyone in the Irene family: Each of them with info such as their Likes, Favorite Bible Verses, Ages, Special activities, and much more.