Update on our Good Samaritan Vision Process

It is said that to use a map, one must know two things: where they are and where they want to go.
In 2016 one of the results of the church-wide survey was that our church lacks clarity on our direction - where we want to go – and even on where we are.  
The visioning process has focused on clarifying these two things.
This fall, we will be introducing initiatives that are a direct result of this process that will align with the work that we have done. Here is an inside look into that work:

Our PURPOSE (Where we are)

Transformed by Christ to Love God and Our Neighbor

We are Transformed by Christ: We believe that you cannot encounter Christ and walk away the same person you were before.

To Love God: God’s great love compels us to love Him.

And our Neighbors: We care for one another and share the love that we have experienced.  

Our VISION (Where we want to go)
To connect those who are here and not yet here to Christ and His Church so that they grow in love of God and neighbor.
The vestry and staff identified 3 areas of focus to help us move forward in this vision:

  1.  Leadership: Create a leadership culture that clearly defines roles and responsibilities that will facilitate effective and collaborative church operations, foster initiative and communicate what God is doing in  our church.
  2.  External: Foster an environment that attracts people to the Church through sharing our own stories of lives transformed by Christ.
  3. Internal: Everyone can be connected in the Church community so that we journey together to become more like Christ.

Our Purpose is unchanging: Transformed by Christ to Love God and Our Neighbor.
Our Vision is that by January 2020, we will have fully grown into our current Vision: To connect those who are here and not yet here to Christ and His Church so that they grow in love of God and neighbor

So, right now, we are implementing our 5 goals, which will be fully developed by January 2020. Today, we are on a trajectory with concrete steps we are taking now to meet our goal of having them fully developed by January 2020.  In program year 2018-2019, Vestry and Staff will be monitoring our progress against our goals on a quarterly basis with a deeper dive on our progress annually.  

• Formalize our Church’s Structure & Accountability
• Foster a Caring Environment within Leadership
• Improve Communication within the Church

• Challenge Everyone to Engage with our Neighbors
• Improve Our Efforts to Connect Visitors

• Improve Connections within the Entire Church
• Strengthen our Groups that Meet to Deepen our Relationship with Christ

These strategic priorities will be officially introduced in Fall of 2018. However, you will begin to see ministries at the Church of the Good Samaritan aligning under these guidelines and making decisions with these in mind even now.

This is where we are. This is where we are going.  

We passionately believe that God has a calling for our church and we are excited to see what He will be doing in and through us in the coming months and years!

The Communications Team: Andy Balsan, Ben Capps, Jonathan Hobbs, George Scheffey, Helen Hartman