Update from Richard Morgan in Kenya

We began our conference this morning with 85 priests and lay people from the Diocese. We had about 30 of the 52 priests from the diocese, and about half of the lay people who had been invited for this week. I was imagining that we would see something like 100 people in attendance if the were 150 that Benjamin had invited - so do pray for news to spread of our conference this week, so that the deacons and lay people who are invited next week hear the news and make it a priority to be here.

For those new to the Rooted in Jesus format - we began the day in worship, led in Swahili (John and I weren't singing much) and then followed with the main teaching session for the day. This covered an overview of Rooted in Jesus both practically and in terms of ethos. We talked about the need for disciples not just converts and the way that Jesus did this with a small group. Then we covered the spiritual principles of Rooted in Jesus - that the church is a body - everyone has a part to play; and that the church grows by multiplication, not addition - so we need to make disciples who can themselves make disciples. After coffee, we broke into groups where Joshua, John and I each led the first session of the Rooted in Jesus book 1 module 1 - 'God knows you'. This was followed by three workshops, which will rotate each day on prayer, pastoral care, and leading a Rooted in Jesus group. After a good lunch we had a ministry session, with Joshua teaching on 'Knowing God's love' and then leading people in prayer. Finally, the local coordinator, Benjamin Kibara, led a local planning session for the Diocese here where they began to talk about strategy for implementing this course in the Diocese. 

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