Vestry Corner

On May 8, the vestry meeting began with a Bible reading from the first chapter of Colossians and a reflection by Fr. Richard.
A major topic for this meeting was the realignment of the roles of a vestry member. In the past, a vestry member was assigned to a certain area of the life of the church (ex. worship, men’s/women’s ministry, newcomers, music…). The vestry has now been restructured so that vestry members are assigned to various committees that report to the vestry as well as being assigned a clergy or staff member to support and pray for. The assignment of vestry members to the various committees is as follows:
1) Nominating committee (recruit candidates to vestry and diocesan delegate): Ted Klenske and Jeff Dean
2) Day School Board: Ted Klenske
3) Missions and Grants Committee (recommends funding for missions we support): Kevin Hicks and Helen Hartman
4) First Fruit Tithe Committee (recommends projects for 10% of Capital Campaign funds): Kevin Hicks
5) Human Resources: Jeff Dean and Dina Gibson
6) Stewardship (fall stewardship campaign): Barri Alexander, Alex Burns, Chris Micklewright, Bonnie O’Neil, and Debbie Volk
7) Finance: Jeff Dean, Barri Alexander, Bill Hughes, and Bonnie O’Neil
8) Facilities (oversee major maintenance and building projects): Bill Hughes, Andy Balsan, and Chris Micklewright
9) Investment (oversee management of endowment funds): Andy Balsan and Jeff Dean
Financial Warden Jeff Dean reported that revenue for April was 15% above budget, while expenses were 10% under budget. This gives us a year-to-date surplus of a little over $130K – many thanks to all for your generosity. The Day School accounting has been changed from accrual to modified cash, and has now been integrated with the church’s accounting system. The church audit began May 9. Next month, we are planning to pay off the almost $1.4M debt on the ministries building. 
The vestry had a discussion about our April visioning meeting with The Armstrong Group (TAG). While we have much in our church to be grateful for – that lives are being transformed, we are mission oriented, prayerful, caring, and offering diverse worship services, there are things that we need to improve – articulating a clear vision, collaboration of leadership, engaging stakeholders, and utilizing people’s gifts. We covet your prayers and input as we move through the visioning process.
Respectfully submitted, Debbie Volk