Vestry Corner

The June Vestry meeting was held on Monday, the 12th, and Father Richard opened the meeting with a devotion from Genesis 37 (dealing with Joseph and his brothers). Richard reflected on the reality that God’s family is messy and broken, but that God still uses us in the midst of our imperfections. He also noted that it isn’t enough to be right, but that we must strive for wisdom and love in our relationships with others.

With regard to business, the Vestry approved the latest Parochial report, which provides a variety of statistics about Good Sam to the diocese. The Vestry also approved a cost of living raise for all staff; this has been deferred in recent years due to budget constraints, but a current surplus in the HR budget allows for a much deserved increase.

The Vestry also spent time discussing the ongoing visioning process. A communications team will be sending out regular updates throughout the process, which will include information about how you can be involved. In the meantime, the staff recently spent a day going through a Strengths Deployment Inventory (SDI) that was very helpful in understanding ways that they can work together more effectively. The Vestry is also working to prepare for the next retreat in the visioning process, which will be held September 9. Please continue to pray for the church and this process.

Finally, the staff has been working to develop goals and objectives for the coming year. While this is subject to modification based on the visioning process, it is important that we continue to press forward in ministry. The Vestry began to review the document, making a variety of suggestions. After further development, the document will be presented for approval at the July Vestry meeting. It will then be made available to the congregation as a fantastic resource for seeing the variety of activities going on at Good Sam, for understanding why we do what we do, and for exploring how you might get more involved.

Respectfully submitted,  Chris Micklewright