Vestry Corner

The Vestry held its first quarterly meeting of the year on January 15. We began with evening prayer in the Chapel where Father Richard gave a short teaching from John 1: 43-51. The central message in this account of Philip introducing Nathaniel to Jesus is found in the three simple words Come and See. Come and See. As we move from articulating our vision and priorities at Church of the Good Samaritan to implementing and living them out, one aspect that will receive our attention and focus is how we invite, welcome, and connect people to the body of Christ at Church of the Good Samaritan. As we move into 2018, we encourage you to reflect on which one(s) of these important activities – inviting, welcoming, and connecting – you are already engaged in regularly, and which one(s) you might prioritize a little more in the months to come.

Jeff Dean gave the Treasurer’s report, highlighting that we finished 2017 with an $82,000 surplus. Some of this is due to under-spending on the Missions and Outreach budget, which will be carried over to a designated account for 2018. We approved moving the remainder to a Vestry Reserve account.

Ted Klenske updated us on the Nominating process. The slate of candidates was selected and the Vestry approved them. The annual Meet the Candidates Forum is scheduled for Sunday, February 11. Voting will take place until noon on March 4 and will be followed by the Annual Meeting at 4:00pm.

The Finance Committee recommended a budget of $1.863 million, which the Vestry approved. Dwight Wilson and Jeff Dean led a discussion of the budget, which assumes a new priest and a new deacon in the last half of the fiscal year. With Carolyn’s departure last month, Father Richard will be looking to hire a new clergy as soon as possible to fill the role of Pastoral Care. Ben Capps will fill the new deacon position when he is ordained later this year.

As part of the 2018 budget, the Vestry approved a Missions budget of $220K, to be allocated to twenty-seven different recipients, including missionaries, missions organizations, and budgeted mission trips. Kevin Hicks and Keith Dodd led the Missions team in selecting a few new partners to our many long-term missions partnerships. These twenty-seven recipients are very diverse and will give Church of the Good Samaritan a reach that is local, national, and international in scope.

The church has used several different electronic prayer chains over the past several years. A decision was made to consolidate the various prayer chains into one. If you would like to be added to the prayer chain to receive email alerts and updates, please let Jeanne Lomanno know at: The Vestry and Staff will have one final visioning retreat this winter, facilitated by Kevin Ford of The Armstrong Group, where we will focus on our strategic priorities. Look for a communication from us shortly after that retreat regarding the outcomes of the series of visioning retreats that have been held over the past year.