Vestry Corner: Vision Affirmed

Minutes from the April meeting were approved followed by a lengthy discussion on the future of Fair Days. Andy Balsan volunteered to lead a small committee, which will include interested parishioners, that will explore possibilities for Fair Days in the context of community outreach and make recommendations to the Vestry early this fall.

Father Richard provided an update on the Clergy hire process. The search committee received eight applications but declined to pursue any of those candidates. Father Richard is also considering the possibility of hiring one or two part time retired priests with goal that there is a qualified female priest to meet the pastoral needs of the women in our congregation. The committee discussed and declined the idea of pursuing a second formal search process. The committee will evaluate how things work with a new part-time woman clergy on the team and assess the Parish needs following that.

Vestry voted unanimously to approve the implementation goals and structure for the Church Vision that was finalized at the May 12, 2018 Vestry Staff Retreat. The overarching mission for the next few years is that the purpose of all Church activity is to “connect those who are here and not yet here to Christ and his church so that they can grow in love of God and neighbor”. The vision focus is centered around the following objectives and structures:

  • Leadership Goals: Structure and Accountability, Caring Environment, Communications

Response: To execute plans described in Leadership Group’s document: clear job descriptions and org chart, revised HR manual, readily available policies and procedures; Gallup Q12 and staff counseling process; improved communications processes.

Champion: Dwight Wilson

  • External Goals: Welcoming Environment, Mission connected to church life, Story sharing


  • Invite Team – to develop a plan to enable parishioners to think about engaging with their neighbors and sharing stories of faith; to develop a plan for central church events that might become end-points for such faith-sharing connections (i.e. Beer Missionship, Alpha and Church on Sunday all serve as that – what else?)

Champion: Ben Capps

  • Welcome Team – to improve our welcoming and connections with first, second, third time guests

Champion: Jonathan Hobbs

  • Internal Goals: Groups, Connections, Communication


  • Connections Team – to strengthen our newcomer process and deepen it to include all members of Good Sam who are not well connected or would like to be better connected; to explore role of ‘connectors’ who might be attached to every member and to identify, recruit and train them

Champion: Richard Morgan (support from Jeanne Lomanno)

  • Network Team – to identify the types of groups and networks of groups that people belong to (fellowship, study, service, support, care) that provide a significant degree of belonging and develop stronger systems for supporting and training the leaders within these networks, so that they are able to be effective lay pastors for their group members.

Champion: John Whitnah (with support from Susan Starke)

Father Richard presented Staff goals for the 2018-2019 Church Program Year. This year’s improved format was short and concise.  It provided Vestry with a good overview of specific goals staff members will be focused on in the coming program year. Vestry approval was unanimous.

As always, should you have any questions or comments for church leadership please reach out to a Vestry member.