Visioning Process Update

We are progressing in our Visioning Process for Church of the Good Samaritan! Twenty-Nine Clergy, Staff and Vestry met for the second visioning retreat on Saturday, 9 September. Kevin Ford of The Armstrong Group (TAG) facilitated the retreat entitled, Discovering Good Sam’s “Code”. Good Sam’s Code is a definition of who we are, what makes us The Church of the Good Samaritan. What are our core values? What is our church ‘personality’? But before we dig deeper into our Code, we summarized and agreed upon the conclusion of our first Visioning Retreat: our Strengths and Weaknesses.

Good Sam’s Strengths and Weaknesses

One of the results of the first Visioning Retreat in April 2017 was a summary of the Strengths and Weaknesses of our church which in part reflected the findings of the congregational survey. Below is that list


  • Evangelical Episcopal Identity in the World-Wide Anglican Community
  • Outreach to the Community
  • Diverse, Accepting Community (Full of Grace)
  • Diverse Worship Services
  • Outreach to Young Adults & College Students


  • Lack of Unified Vision
  • Leadership Decision-Making Process
  • Lack of Communication
  • Long-term Members Feel Disenfranchised
  • Lack of Collaboration within Staff, and between Staff and Vestry
  • Functioning in Isolated Silos within the Church
  • Lack of Delegated Authority (though tasks are Delegated)
  • Lack of Stakeholder Engagement
  • Not Being Able to Say No

Discovering Good Sam’s “Code”

With these strengths and weaknesses in mind, and with the congregation’s prayers, we entered into the second Visioning Retreat to discover and define what makes Good Sam an authentic, purposeful church used by God.

We broke into small groups and shared specific stories about why we each decided to make Good Sam our home church. Everyone, and we mean everyone, shared story after story of the many vivid examples of God’s grace, His transforming power in our lives, affectionate community caring and solid Biblical teaching they had received through this body.

Your Input is Important

As part of the visioning process, the Visioning Team would like to invite the entire congregation to take part in the exercise of discovering Good Sam’s “Code” through a Congregational Forum on Nov 5th from 4:00-5:30. At this forum, we will break into small groups and the vestry, clergy and staff will help facilitate the discussion of discovering Good Sam’s “Code”. We hope everyone can make it.

Defining Good Sam’s Code will help all of us identify what makes us Church of the Good Samaritan so that we can preserve the gifts God has given us to his glory.

Please continue to pray for God’s guidance throughout this process; we are very grateful for the prayer support you have given us to date – it really is a vital part of work we are doing. Also, we encourage anyone who has questions or comments to reach out to a Vestry member at Café Good Sam, or to call a clergy or a staff member. Your input is important to this process.

What’s Next?

November 5       Congregational Forum to Discover Good Sam’s “Code”

November 18    Capture the key points from congregational forum and visioning retreat discussions in a Good Sam’s “Core Values” document

November 18    Third Visioning Retreat: Clarifying our Future Focus

December 9       Fourth (and final) Visioning Retreat: Developing our Strategic Priorities

Thank you for your prayers, questions, input and concern for this process. We look forward to hearing from you at the upcoming Congregational Forum!