Water Mission News

Water Mission has completed over 3000 projects bringing the life transforming blessings of safe water and the Living Water message of Jesus to millions of people world wide. Some of the projects have been huge such as the refugee camps in Western Tanzania, shelter for 300,000 refugees (Tanzania) fleeing violence in Burundi and the Congo. Most projects have been village size such as the six successful and sustainable projects funded by the Good Samaritan Walks since 2010.

This year, the goal of the Walk is to provide funding for another project in Western Kenya, the village of Nai Farm. Currently, the only source of water for two schools, each with 800 students, plus 250 families (1500 men, women and children) is the muddy river contaminated water with no treatment. The picture shows students fetching water for the school kitchen and their personal consumption. Many village children do not have the funds to attend the schools and help their moms on their daily trek for water. Every day, children and their parents suffer the consequences of this filthy water, typhoid, amoebiasis, and dysentery.

The Good Samaritan Walk will happen during the Paoli Blues Fest at noon on October 7 on the campus of Paoli Presbyterian Church. Participants will each get a bucket of water and a passport then hike to each country where Water Mission has a permanent program before putting their dirty water into the Living Water Treatment System. This walk will provide an experience of what children in Nai Farms experience every day and we will bring awareness of the Global Water Crisis to our neighbors in Paoli. Please join the effort to provide safe water to Nai Farms by registering for the walk and asking your family and friends for their financial support.