Water Mission News

God has provided us with still another reason to give thanks; the successful completion of the safe water system in the village of Sinoko, Kenya and the Pastor’s Conference sponsored by the Water Mission Kenya staff. The water system provides safe water for the first time, EVER to the entire village area (over 500 families), the primary school (1600 students) and the secondary school (800 students). Water Mission is very intentional about showing and sharing God’s love and recognizes the great opportunity for advancing Christian theology during our community engagement while building the water system. The conference and ongoing evangelism is organized and conducted by indigenous pastoral staff and uses tools provided by the American Bible Society and In Touch Ministries.

The Church of the Good Samaritan is known with gratitude by students at the schools and in many households. We give thanks to God for providing us with this opportunity to share His abundant love and glorify His Holy Name!

Enjoy the video and have a blessed Thanksgiving celebration.