Your Gifts at Work: Water Mission Update

  • Puerto Rico Response – In Puerto Rico, our work has led to getting 41 water systems back online in rural communities throughout the island. This happened through a combination of generator installations and larger solar arrays. Here is a great video that talks about the response effort. Here are some photos from Puerto Rico. Recently, FEMA honored Water Mission as a key partner in the response effort and actually created a commemorative coin with Water Mission featured at the top to recognize our contribution. This was the first time that God has opened doors with a US agency in this way!
  • Salvador Urbina, Mexico – In January, the community of Salvador Urbina celebrated the gift of safe water as their water system started production for the first time.  Throughout the Fall, this community was hard at work in the community development and implementation stage. God has really opened hearts in this project. Our staff began the project and were very intentional about sharing their faith. They started a Bible study that took place immediately after the safe water committee meetings. The committee loved it so much they started asking “Can I bring my husband? Can I bring my wife?” After just a couple months these meetings had more than 20 people attending to read the Bible together. These are individuals who were not attending church prior! We praise God for this success. Here’s a link to some photos from the community, a WASH Training, and a fun clown routine our staff put together to engage children and their families.
  • Karamu-Nyagisese, Kenya – This is a project that serves a community of 2,800 people in Migori County, Western Kenya. It was installed in May 2016. Our typical goal is to transition a project to a community and complete our scheduled follow up visits in the course of one year. This community has taken longer than that and recently we were able to transition the project fully to the community in March. Gifts like yours help cover additional time and expense that was not captured in the original project budgets. It  is critical that we get communities and their safe water committees to the point of competence and sustainability before the project is transitioned. I’ve attached a testimony that we received in March about the impact of this project. Here is a Photo Album.
  • Ngulu Community, Kenya – In March, we received a powerful testimony back from this project in Kenya. I’ve attached the encouraging report. Here’s the photo album.

Thanks so much for your support which makes a very real impact on the lives of women, children, and families that used to struggle to meet their daily water needs. I hope you’re encouraged by these testimonies and that they’re helpful in sharing how your congregation’s giving is making a tangible impact in people’s lives. If you would like any additional information, or dive further into any area - please let me know. 



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