Alex Burns

Alexandra comes from a Greek Orthodox family, but became an ardent Christian when she started participating in a Bible fellowship during her freshman year at Brown.  She was flabbergasted by Paul's commendation of the Thessalonians that they had received his letter "not as the word of men, but as... the word of God."  Alex figured that if it was in any way true that this was indeed the word of God, she had better pay attention!  Her love of language and of the Bible led her to major in Classics as an undergraduate and to focus on the languages of the Bible - Greek, Hebrew, and Aramaic - as a graduate student. Later, Alex became a lawyer, but has spent the last fourteen years as a stay-at- home mom to her fifteen year old and wife to her husband, Rob, a business professor.

Alex and Rob have been attending Good Sam for about three years.  Before coming to Good Sam, Alex’s participation at their small, Filipino church ranged from sitting on the church board to spelling the pastor by teaching at the Sunday service.  By contrast, the Burns’ involvement at Good Samaritan has thus far been simple. The family regularly attends New Chapel and Chris Hall’s discipleship class. They are awed and blessed by the depth and breadth of Christian commitment that exists here.