Tad Turski

Sexton, Buildings and Grounds
610-644-4040 x126

If you have spoken with Tad and wonder where that unique accent comes from…here is your answer. He was born in Poland (a long time ago) and at 26 years of age he immigrated to the USA, in 1981, in pursuit of a better life. Unfortunately he left his wife, Elizabeth and 3 year old daughter Izabela. In 1985 the family was happily reunited in Devon, Pennsylvania and in 1993 the family was blessed with the birth of another daughter, Cyndy. Tad and his high school sweetheart, Elizabeth, both have college educations. Elizabeth holds a Masters degree in early childhood education and Tad holds an engineering degree in food technology. Tad was able to gain his permanent residency in the USA by being sponsored by Montros Food Corporation at which time he worked as a quality control employee in the shipping department for 5 years. Tad felt that he needed to be challenged more and wanted to be his own boss therefore in 1986 Tad and Elizabeth bought a hardware store in Brooklyn, NY. They successfully managed the store for 11 years and decided to sell it and return to Pennsylvania. They bought their house in Exton, PA and about 2 years later through a mutual friend of Good Samaritan, Tad was introduced to the management team. He was hired for the Sexton position at Good Samaritan Church and 17 years later he continues to be a part of the Good Samaritan Church family. Tad is a technically inclined individual with a vast knowledge of tools, equipment and machinery. On a personal note, Tad is very friendly and outgoing with a great sense of humor and is driven by the motto…the road to quality has no end. He is passionate about flying, boating, skiing, and enjoys a variety of music anything from opera to American country music. Pavarotti and Willie Nelson are some of his favorites. When Tad is not working hard, which we all know he does, he enjoys spending time with his family and friends in his Pocono Mountain vacation home.