Bible Reading Plan

As a church, we're encouraging engagement with the Bible this year as a part of our year of prayer. The third set of readings run from January 9 for six weeks, covering John's gospel. Each day there is also a Psalm. For those wanting to read the whole New Testament in a year there are also readings from the Old Testament and New Testament letters each week, which you can spread over the week. If you'd like an email with the daily Psalm and Gospel reading and a link to Reading, Reflection and Prayer - where Richard and Ruth will be reading these each weekday, please register for that email here:

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John's Gospel and Psalms 64-91


Isaiah and Job

John’s gospel is noticeably different in style from Matthew, Mark and Luke. So, having read Matthew and Mark, this is a departure from that style of gospel writing before we return to Luke and finish with Luke’s sequel ‘The Acts of the Apostles’. John has a number of longer encounters between individuals and Jesus and contain the seven ‘I am’ sayings. Much of John contains direct spiritual wisdom and insight. What we are left to infer from the other gospels, John will spell out. 

Paul’s letters to the Church in Rome is often regarded as his key theological work. We also read 1 Thessalonians and Galatians, which were written before Romans and introduce a number of the themes that Paul will go on to explore in greater depth.

We read the first of the books of prophecy that we will cover. While Isaiah is the major work, we will also read a number of minor prophets. Unlike the law or history books, these should be read more like poetry. They are a  compilation of various prophetic utterances that would have been delivered over a lifetime of prophetic ministry. We just have the ‘greatest hits’ compilation.

This series lasts 6 weeks after which there is a week’s break as a ‘catch up’ week for any readings that you have missed.