Bible Reading Plan

As a church, we're encouraging engagement with the Bible this year as a part of our year of prayer. The second  set of readings run from November 14 for six weeks, covering Mark's gospel. Each day there is also a Psalm. For those wanting to read the whole New Testament in a year there are also readings from the Old Testament and New Testament letters each week, which you can spread over the week. If you'd like an email with the daily Psalm and Gospel reading and a link to Reading, Reflection and Prayer - where Richard and Ruth will be reading these each weekday, please register for that email here:

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Mark's Gospel and Psalms 35-63

Hebrews, 1 & 2 Peter

The Old Testament History Books

Mark’s gospel is the shortest of the four gospels, and is broken down here into six sections – making these readings shorter than the Matthew readings. Mark has a very similar order of the story to Matthew, but does not include the longer teaching sections.

The history books from Judges through 2 Kings largely point out the blessings of following the books of the law and the consequence of walking away from the covenant. We also read Ecclesiastes and Song of Songs.

This series lasts 6 weeks after which there is two week’s break over Christmas. Use this as a ‘catch up’ week for any readings that you have missed.

Series Three will begin with the week of January 9th.>

We will be reading John’s Gospel, the letter to the Romans and two other shorter letters of St Paul, the prophet Isaiah and a number of the shorter prophets, as well as the book of Job.