Sundays K - 4th

Communion Class

Elementary aged children (K-4th) meet in Ashton Hall during both the 9:00 and 11:00 services. Parents are welcome to sign them in starting 10 minutes before the service starts. During the program the kids engage in worship, engaging activities, Bible teaching and small group discussions. We then return to the service so families can partake in Communion together.

Our desire for children in elementary school is not simply to keep them occupied or even entertained but to give them a space and an opportunity for meaningful, age-appropriate worship, learning, prayer and relationship building.

For more information about this program, contact Kimberly Lindquist (610) 644-4040 x235 or

Club 56 is a group formed for the discipleship of the unique age group of 5th and 6th graders. The class meets each Sunday at 8:50am for the 9:00 service or 10:50am for the 11:00 services in the Sanctuary then head to room 258 (the Youth Room) for Bible teaching, engaging discussion and prayer. Together with dedicated staff leaders, they will explore their faith, making it their own. Our hope is that these children successfully transition from Elementary to Youth!