Food Closet Needs You

Did you know our Food Closet Ministry distributes food to approximately 40-50 families each week, all year long? That’s a lot of food, and a lot of help is needed to ensure the smooth operation of this ministry. This is where you come in…can you spare 2 hours a month? While we do have volunteers on various days who help with prep work and distributions, we are currently looking for help in the “weekly reset” process.

  • The reset can be done anytime between Friday morning and Monday evening
  • It involves moving shelf-stable food items from the main storage location (the Bride's Closet) to the Food Closet in Fellowship Hall
  • The process takes about 2 hours after you become familiar with the routine, less time if you're working as a team
  • There are approximately 40 different items that we stock, so the goal is to fully stock the Food Closet with items with the closest expiration dates ready to be distributed on Thursday; typically, this involves moving around flats of items, cutting off cardboard tops & removing plastic wrap, etc.

You would work with other volunteers to decide what week(s) you want; then it's up to you to determine when it's convenient for you to come in to do the actual work.  We do the scheduling 3 months at a time.  You can work as an individual, or as a family group if that sounds appealing (probably middle school-aged children and above).

If you have questions or are interested in any other Food Closet volunteer opportunities, contact Joan Lodge at or 610-453-7906.