Kenya Students Christian Fellowship

Good Samaritan has long provided prayer and financial support to the Kenya Students Christian Fellowship (KSCF). In recent years our support has been specifically to a regional ministry of KSCF, the Maasai Associates Team. Phillip and Mary Kishoiyian of our congregation have a long history of active involvement with the Massai ministry. Phillip serves as our church's advocate to KSCF and would be happy to talk with anyone about the ministry, its history, and its work. KSCF has many programs designed to further their mission, which they state as:

To lead students in secondary schools and colleges in Kenya to come to a personal knowledge of Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, mature in Him and equip them for effective service, and mobilize and empower Christian workers for effective service among the students.

See more about KSCF at their website.

The Missions Committee requests that supported ministries submit periodic reports of their accomplishments, progress toward stated goals, future plans, and ways we can be in prayer for the ministry. Recently, through Phillip, we received the Maasai Associates Team's report for the first quarter. As is the case of ministries around the world, the COVID-19 Pandemic has seriously limited the services ministries can provide. KSCF-MAT is no exception. Their report outlines an encouraging and busy January and February. Then on March 15, the Republic of Kenya's president announced the immediate closure of schools. Obviously, since KSCF's ministry is to the school children of Kenya, much has been curtailed. As in most areas of the world, it is  unclear when schools might open.

Their report (see link below) outlines productive monthly fellowship meetings, leadership training sessions, school outreach meetings, and school mentorship programs. Their leadership training had a very successful session on February 8 at the Enoomatasiani Girls School. Seventy-five student leaders from seven schools attended, accompanied by nine teachers. Emphasis was on training to equip leaders on how to start and sustain effective prayer programs in their schools. More about this and all the accomplishments of their programs can be found in their brief First Quarter Report.

As supported ministries all value our church's financial support, they value just as much the knowledge that the Church of the Good Samaritan and its members are in prayer for their ministries. To further that prayer support for the Kenya Students' Christian Fellowship ministry, the Maasai Associates Team gives us these prayer requests:

  • Pray that the school closures shall end soon, and students resume classes
  • Pray also for students who are scheduled to take national exams in October and November Pray that students and their parents will overcome anxiety should the very critical exams be postponed
  • Pray that during this difficult period when students are at home that God will preserve them, and they will remain disciplined and not get involved in criminal activities
  • And join hands with KSCF as the body of Christ in praying that God may show mercy for all those across the globe affected by the pandemic

As always, those at KSCF acknowledge with gratitude to the support of the Church of the Good Samaritan.