News from Ninos

Ninos’ International Director, Tyson Malo – who has often visited Good Samaritan – is excellent in keeping us informed not only of what is happening with Ninos and their children, but also the ways our financial support makes a difference. In a recent report, Tyson talked about the increased medical needs in their children, an unprecedented growth in their Sendero de Esperanza transition home, and new challenges in their still-developing program for teens with serious emotional disorders, Caminos Abiertos al Cambio. Tyson gives thanks that our church’s support has helped them meet these needs as well as the many other physical, emotional, and spiritual needs of each child in their care. Tyson says, “With the prayers and financial support of our partners and supporters, we have continued to share Christ’s love to some of Bolivia’s most marginalized kids, facilitating life transformation. This transformation is not only breaking the cycles of poverty and violence they were born into, but is also empowering them to be agents of change by helping them to live out their faith and values in the society they are part of.”

Ninos has also taken on the challenge to make their program more accountable in all aspects. With increased support, they have added an administrative coordinator position to allow for a dedicated accounting role within the organization. They’ve hired a new executive director to bring fresh vision and increase local networking and fundraising, and has split the transition coordinator position into two youth guide roles to better attend to the needs of their growing population of teens and young adults. A two-month visit from a Canadian consultant has been working with their local director and board of directors to establish healthy communication, leadership, evaluation, and reporting protocols.

Along with all these progress reports, Tyson sends along their always-colorful-and-informative newsletter, the first for 2019, which includes pictures of the teens and children in the joyous Christmas season and the beginning of 2019. You can view that here.