Letter to Parish

September 7, 2022

Dear Friends in Christ,

When our girls were growing up, we traveled a good bit. As a military family we never lived close to our families. Every three years or so there would be a new assignment, and with that a new adventure.  When we would travel by car, both girls would ask: “Are we there yet?” So, we would give them the map, point to where we were and tell them to follow the road to where we were heading.

Our lives follow the road where the Lord leads.

After much prayer and consideration of this time in my life, I will complete my call here at Good Samaritan on October 9. Until that day my desire is to work along side of you personally, and together in our various ministries.

Here at Good Samaritan these nearly four years we have gone some wonderful miles. As God’s church we have stuck together during Covid, kept watch over one another, and trusted God for our community of faith. In our ministries, in relationships with those we love and those in need of visits and communion, we have lived life together by the gift of the Holy Spirit.  

My door is open for those who wish to talk and who have ways to assist and volunteer. God is kind and gracious, plenteous with love and grace, and he will continue to lead and guide us dear friends. You are fellow servants. I am grateful for each of you and I love you. Good Samaritan remains the Body of Christ to Norman and me. We are not moving away this time.

In Christ who is able,


Adventures of Possibility for Pastoral Care

            “All things come from thee O Lord, and of thine own have we given thee.”

Christians know the biblical line that says all who are baptized into Christ Jesus are ministers. I fully believe that is true.  In this interim of thinking and praying regarding the building of our community here at Good Samaritan, there is a truck load of possibilities for members to be engaged… For me, number one is pastoral care: the standing with, the engagement with, the helpful ways of extending Christian love and hospitality to one another. Big task! Lots of folks needed!

With Susan Starke retired, and with me on my way to that achievement, my heart’s desire is to pass torches to God bearers to carry on the mission we share in caring for one another. Here are things for consideration and prayer, according to your gifts, interests, and just plain “want to try something new.”

Prayer, prayer cards, prayer support.  Encourage friends and members to avail themselves of prayer after communion, during the week via prayer cards, and to consider being a part of a prayer team (training comes with). Likewise, prayer intercessors at home are important for the community as the Body of Christ.

Caring Callers: Home visits, calls, cards from a friend. There is nothing like a phone call or card from a friend, or a spontaneous invitation for a visit (planned). 

Meals for those sick and their families. When sickness, death, special needs arise, and often without warning- a ring at the door with a delivery of a meal for a single or family is the old-fashioned way to say we are supporting you.

Daughters of the King have a vital role in the prayer life of the church that extends  to serving the Lord and spreading the Good News of Christ in evangelism, and service. Meetings are twice a month (live and zoom).  All ages of women welcome.

LEMS and EVs for hospital and homebound visits. Training provided. Occasional meetings for updates. Usually, one person to visit on a monthly schedule. It is a joy to share in the Holy Sacrament with believers. When in person worship can’t be, the church comes to you.

Military remembrance with cards of encouragement and gratitude. 

Transportation for those unable to drive to church.

The person in need of transportation assisted by driver in close proximity.

Special events to mark holy/special days.   Homebound, seniors, unexpected recipients have enjoyed the kindness of GS friends who bring goodies, flowers. Workers enjoy coming together. Those delivering have fun with the surprise!

If you have questions, or have a nudge from the Lord to come forward, please call

Marcia Wilkinson 610-913-0333.