Light in the Darkness

As we move from Christmas towards Epiphany, the theme of God making himself known connects both seasons. Known to us in the life, death, and resurrection of Jesus Christ. Made known to the whole world. God's light breaking into a dark world.

The new year is often a time to take stock of our lives and ask God how he is leading us in the year to come. Can I invite you to do that? Spend some time in prayer reflecting on the year that lies ahead. Ask God where he wants to shine his light into your life.

Epiphany is also a season for looking beyond ourselves to the people that God calls us to serve. At the heart of our identity as Church of the Good Samaritan is our call to love God and our neighbor. We haven't received the light of Christ just to hoard it for ourselves. It's put on a lampstand so that the light can shine.

Sharing our light can be tough. There's a lot of brokenness in our world. Sometimes it can seem like we only have enough light for ourselves. When we begin to love our neighbors - to share Christ's love with them - the darkness can seem overwhelming. We can be tempted to retreat. We have enough 'stuff' of our own without helping to carry other people's stuff. But the light of Christ that shines within us is a gift that we've been entrusted with for the whole world. Keeping our eyes firmly fixed on Christ allows us not to be overcome by the darkness. The light of the world shines in our hearts.

Even as we enter a third calendar year shaped by the pandemic, can I encourage us as church to hold fast to the promise of the light of Christ. Encourage one another and let's work together to bring this light to the world that Christ sends us to.