Prayer Changes Things

Submit a Prayer Request.

Good Samaritan has a large group of people who serve as prayer ministers. Please persist in prayer, and feel that you can continue to ask for prayer Sunday by Sunday for whatever it is that you'd like to invite God's presence and power into. Our prayer ministers are not counselors - they won't give you any advice - but pray-ers. They will invite God's Holy Spirit to come and be at work in you to bring healing or wisdom or whatever it is that you've asked them to pray for. Often they will be still before God as they pray with you - it's His presence and help that we are seeking, not a stream of words. Do be still with them as you wait together with them before God and bring yourself before Him.

If you're new to the prayer ministry team, then you might like to review these two videos from a 2019 training session for prayer ministers by the Rector:
Prayer Ministry Training One: Jesus' healing ministry in Mark's gospel. (32 minutes)
Prayer Ministry Training Two: Practical guidance on praying  (23 minutes)

Good Samaritan has a chapter of the Order of the Daughters of the King for women in the Episcopal Church who are committed to prayer, service, and evangelism.  After a period of training, these women take vows as they join the Order.  Our Daughters pray faithfully for requests submitted to them.

We have often offered a Freedom in Christ retreat in the winter — 3 days of intensive teaching and prayer for those who are struggling with issues in their lives that separate them from God.

If you'd like to ask for a prayer request to be added to the email chain, or to our Sunday prayer; or learn how to serve as a prayer minister or in any of the other prayer ministries in our church, please contact Barb Hohorst, Parish Communications Director. If you would like to submit a confidential prayer request, please click here.