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Alpha (ZOOM)

7:00pm Sep 15 - 8:15pm Nov 17

Alpha is a series of interactive sessions that Good Samaritan offers as both an outreach and a practical introduction to the Christian faith. It’s a place where you have an opportunity to explore the meaning of life and the teachings of Jesus in a relaxed, friendly setting. No question about life or God is seen as too simple or too hostile. Everyone is welcome. There is no charge to attend Alpha.

Featured News:

Reopening Plans and the Survey results

The Bishop has said that we will be able to enter 'Phase 3' at the beginning of August if the coronavirus number continue to go in the right direction. They haven't been looking so great for the last week and so there is a distinct possibility that he will push this back to the beginning of September instead. We will know at the end of next week - but either way we need to start planning for what it will look like when we come back in person. In phase 2 churches are only allowed 25 people at once, and the vestry does not want to restrict access to worship so is keen to wait until that restriction is lifted before we resume offering in person worship.

A Reflection on Grief

“There are many different kinds of grief,” said Marian, my elderly friend. It was 2005, and she was comforting me as I was trying to navigate the reality of a cancer diagnosis. True enough, my prognosis was relatively good (my oncologist used the phrase “get you through this and on with the rest of your life”), but the year that lay ahead for me included an arduous array of treatments.