Welcome to the
Church of the
Good Samaritan

Join us for Sunday
Worship at
7:30, 9:00 & 11:00am
Praying Child

Welcome to Good Samaritan

Transformed by Christ to Love God and our Neighbor

Events coming up:

Christmas Eve

11am, 5pm, 8pm & 11pm Dec 24

11am Family Service (especially for families with young children)
5pm Festal Holy Eucharist (special music begins at 4:30pm)
8pm New Chapel Christmas Eve (contemporary service with Eucharist)
11pm Festal Holy Eucharist (special music begins at 10:30pm)

There is no childcare, the nursery will be open

Featured News:

Beautiful Lives

Our vision as a church over the next couple of years is about connection. We want to learn to be more effective at connecting people to one another and to Christ. The opposite of connection is to remain insular - separate from one another and detached from the world that God calls us to love. In a polarized society, it’s tempting for us to each keep to our own business and to our familiar friends.