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Welcome to Good Samaritan

Learning to Share God's Love with our Neighbors, Near and Far

Featured News:

Missions & Outreach News

This week we highlight a personal reflection from Steve and Nancy Brown, missionaries we support in Niger, and a a Save-the-Date announcement of a major missions conference (The Great Co-Mission) that we are hosting this fall with Paoli Presbyterian and several other local churches. Although not finalized, our proceeds from Fair Days will be around $18,000, which will benefit our Food Closet and Water Mission.

Vestry Corner

The June Vestry meeting was held on Monday, the 12th, and Father Richard opened the meeting with a devotion from Genesis 37 (dealing with Joseph and his brothers). Richard reflected on the reality that God’s family is messy and broken, but that God still uses us in the midst of our imperfections. He also noted that it isn’t enough to be right, but that we must strive for wisdom and love in our relationships with others.

Racial Reconciliation

Issues that impact the Church today: Racial Reconciliation. The Living Church of Christ should not be silent about the issues that impact our culture today, especially given the fact that: (a) Jesus preached the gospel and also addressed the cultural issues of that day. (b) The Living Bible is relevant because it addresses all issues concerning mankind in every generation.